Krishna Vrinda Vihari Review: For a few laughs

Krishna (Naga Shaurya) gets a job in Hyderabad. In his village, no girl looked at him due to his overpowering mother Amruthavalli (Radhika). No wonder he falls for the charms of his boss Vrinda (Shirley Setia) on the first day he joined the office.

Vrinda and her family are from North India. When Krishna proposes, she reveals her health condition that she cannot conceive children. Knowing well that his parents would not accept a girl who cannot give them a grandson or granddaughter, he comes up with a ‘story’ that he got injured in the groin and his ‘vital organ’ was severely affected.

He lies to her mother that Vrinda agreed to marry him despite his condition. What problems would he face due to this one lie?

Krishna Vrinda Vihari – Fun-filled entertainer

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Review: For a few laughs

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Review – A Clean Family Entertainer for all ages

Krishna Vrinda Vihari Movie Review and Rating!



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