‘Too drunk to walk’ Bhagwant Mann ‘deplaned’ from Lufthansa flight, alleges Sukhbir Badal

Reports that Bhagwant Mann was removed from a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Delhi because he was drunk have triggered a huge outcry with opposition parties saying the Punjab Chief Minister has “shamed Punjabis” across the world.

On Sunday, Bhagwant Mann was to take the 1.40 pm flight from Frankfurt, which was already delayed. The flight finally took off at 4.30 pm. Mr Mann reportedly took a different flight, in the early hours of Monday.

Mr Mann’s aides say he delayed his return to Delhi as he was unwell. His party AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) has accused the opposition of “spreading propaganda”.

‘Too drunk to walk’ Bhagwant Mann ‘deplaned’ from Lufthansa flight, alleges Sukhbir Badal

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