A Revolutionary Dream called Mary Roy

A lone woman crusader’s voice that changed the course of women’s history in India and the world over was probably also a single mother’s proclamation from the rooftop of her insecurity that the boy and the girl she had given birth to were equal citizens before the laws of this land, with equal access to all constitutional rights including property. The personal was indeed political for Mary Roy, a visionary educationalist, social worker, and the doyen of women’s rights in India. Before the landmark Supreme Court order of 1986 that she won by the sweat of her brow and the grit of her indomitable will, Syrian Christian women were governed by the Travancore-Kochi Christian Succession Act of 1916, that stated a daughter inherited only a quarter of the son’s share or ₹5,000, whichever was less. This phenomenal woman mounted a singular attack on the patriarchal bastions of religious and familial oppression that validated misogynist decrees such as this.

A Revolutionary Dream called Mary Roy

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