OLA Electric Car Launch highlights

Ola Electric’s event’s Independence Day announcement is over and the company has confirmed the upcoming launch of its  EV car. The company says the car will arrive in 2024 and it will have a range of 500 kms. It also announced a S1 scooter as well as a new battery. Ola CEO and cofounder Bhavish Aggarwal has talked about bringing an EV revolution in India during the event. He claims the company’s Ola Future factory will be able to produce one million EV cars in the future.

OLA Electric Car Launch highlights: Ola’s first EV car to have a range of more than 500 kms

Ola Electric to enter electric car segment; to launch first model by 2024

SoftBank-backed Ola to launch first electric car in 2024

Ola Electric aims to roll out premium, sporty car by 2024

Ola to launch first electric car by 2024, introduces new S1 scooters



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