CJI Ramana Recommends Justice U.U. Lalit as His Successor

Justice UU Lalit is set to become the next Chief Justice of India after CJI NV Ramana recommended his name to the Union law ministry. Justice UU Lalit will have only 74 days in the chair before he retires on November 8.

The shortest tenure so far has been 17 days, served by Justice Kamal Narain Singh in 1991. After Justice UU Lalit, Justice DY Chandrachud is next in line to head the Supreme court for two years.

Justice Lalit will become the second CJI who would be directly elevated to the apex court bench from the Bar. Justice SM Sikri, who became the 13th CJI in January 1971, was the first lawyer to be elevated directly to the top court bench in March 1964.

CJI Ramana Recommends Justice U.U. Lalit as His Successor

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