Balamani Amma poems

Google on Tuesday celebrated acclaimed Indian poet Balamani Amma’s 113th birth anniversary with a special doodle dedicated to her. She continues to be known as the ‘amma’ (mother) and ‘muthassi’ (grandmother), of Malayalam poetry.

Amma was the recipient of various awards and honours like the Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian honour, in 1987; the Sahitya Akademi Award for Muthassi in 1965; the Saraswati Samman for Nivedyam in 1995, among others.

Balamani Amma: Google Doodle celebrates Malayalam poet’s 113th birth anniversary

Google Doodle today: Who was Balamani Amma, Indian poet who wowed the country with her words?

Balamani Amma’s 113th Birthday: Google Doodle pays tribute to famous Indian poet, also known as grandmother of Malayalam literature

Who was Balamani Amma, the poet honoured by Google Doodle?

Google doodle by Indian artist pays tribute to Balamani Amma, grandmother of Malayalam literature, on her 113th birthday


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