Explained: Why did Gotabaya Rajapaksa choose to flee to the Maldives?

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, one of the prominent Rajapaksa brothers after Mahinda, twice took the oath to defend his country — first as a soldier and then as President. Yet, the former defence secretary, who thrived on his reputation in some sections as the “saviour” of Sri Lanka, fled to the Maldives at an ungodly hour Wednesday, leaving his countrymen in the throes of a deepening economic crisis.

Explained: Why did Gotabaya Rajapaksa choose to flee to the Maldives?

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Explained: विद्रोह, बवाल और आपातकाल… राष्ट्रपति गोटाबाया राजपक्षे के श्रीलंका से भागने के बाद अब आगे क्या होगा?

Gotabaya Rajapaksa News: गोटाबाया राजपक्षे को मालदीव में सता रहा जान का डर, प्राइवेट जेट से सिंगापुर जाने की तैयारी





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