NASA’s James Webb telescope beams first cosmic view of ‘deepest’ universe

US president Joe Biden released one of the first images of the universe the James Webb Space Telescope clicked on Monday (local time). The image shows the deepest view of the universe that has never been seen before.

In the image one can see SMACS 0723 which is a large group of galaxy clusters which act as magnifying glass for the objects behind them. Using the gravitational lensing technology, the Webb telescope created the first deep field view of old, distant and faint galaxies.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said the image captured by the telescope is the deepest image of the universe that has ever been taken.

NASA’s James Webb telescope beams first cosmic view of ‘deepest’ universe

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NASA: नासा के जेम्स वेब स्पेस टेलीस्कोप से ली गई ब्रह्मांड की पहली रंगीन छवि आई सामने

James Webb Space Telescope: NASA के महाशक्तिशाली जेम्‍स वेब स्पेस टेलिस्कोप ने जारी की पहली रंगीन तस्‍वीर, दिखा अद्भुत नजारा


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