WHO considers declaring monkeypox a global health emergency

Monkeypox virus has been found in more than 40 countries in the world. The active cases have been reported in Europe mostly. Until last month, monkeypox had not caused sizeable outbreaks beyond Africa. Scientists haven’t found any mutations in the virus that suggest it’s more transmissible, and a leading adviser to the WHO said last month the surge of cases in Europe was likely tied to sexual activity among gay and bisexual men at two raves in Spain and Belgium. Monkeypox outbreak which has infected 3,417 people across 42 countries. It has on Thursday been declared a pandemic by the World Health Network (WHN), a global collaboration of scientific and citizen teams.

Now as monkeypox cases become a cause of worry for people around the world, let’s take a look at vaccines and treatment available for the treatment and in what ways you can avoid getting infected.

WHO considers declaring monkeypox a global health emergency

Monkeypox declared a pandemic by WHN: Ways to prevent yourself from viral infection and treatment

IHR Emergency Committee regarding the multi-country outbreak of monkeypox

WHO considers declaring monkeypox a global health emergency

Monkeypox: Amid uncertainty, global situation ‘cannot be ignored’ says WHO chief

Monkeypox: दुनिया के 42 देशों में पैर पसार चुका मंकीपॉक्स, ‘वैश्विक आपातकाल’ पर डब्ल्यूएचओ करेगा फैसला

Monkeypox को ग्लोबल हेल्थ इमरजेंसी घोषित करने पर विचार, WHO ने बुलाई विशेष बैठक

Monkeypox virus: 58 देशों में फैला मंकीपॉक्स, WHN ने महामारी घोषित किया, जानिए आगे क्या खतरा है?







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