Has cancer cure been finally found?

In a clinical trial in the United States, all the participating rectal cancer patients were cured. The medical marvel took place in the country’s famous Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Experts say this is perhaps the first time in the history of modern medical science that an experimental procedure was this successful against the most dreaded disease. According to media reports, 18 patients took a drug called Dostarlimab for six months. The cancerous tumours in all the patients disappeared. Dr Luis A. Diaz J, a researcher at the New York-based hospital, said it is a major breakthrough in mankind’s war against cancer.

Explained: What is Rectal cancer? What is Dostarlimab and why did it make headlines?

Cancer cure finally here? New drug Dostarlimab cures all patients in trial ‘first time in history’

Dostarlimab Vanishes Cancer Miraculously In Patients For First Time In Medical History

Cancer vanishes from every patient’s body in drug trial “miraculously”; Shocked doctors’ say ‘First time in history’

Has cancer cure been finally found? What is Dostarlimab? All you need to know



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