Explained: Mona Lisa — widely loved, frequently attacked

A deranged young male visitor disguised as an old lady in a wheelchair threw a piece of cake at Leonardo Da Vicini’s Mona Lisa painting at Paris’ Louvre Museum

The boy stood up from his chair and acted out his rage at what is presumable the most famous work of art, which dates back to 1517. The attack was defined as “vandalism.” However, since the painting is protected by bullet-proof glass, the creamy product never reached its target.

But video footage from tourists visiting the exhibition went viral. Louvre museum staff was quick to clean the area, as dozens of onlookers recorded the moment with their cell phones, separated from the painting by a black protective tape.

Explained: Mona Lisa — widely loved, frequently attacked

Suspect arrested after Mona Lisa smeared with cream cake

Pie thrown at Mona Lisa by fake old woman

‘Think about Earth’: Man dressed as old woman smears cake on Mona Lisa portrait. Watch

Man arrested after smearing Mona Lisa with cake at Louvre

A man in a wig was detained after throwing a piece of cake at the Mona Lisa








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