Sood’s affair with Madhurima Roy

Divya Agarwal on Sunday announced her split from Varun Sood after four years of being together. The winner of Bigg Boss OTT took to her Instagram account to make the announcement. While announcing the break-up, Divya also said that Varun Sood is a great guy and will always be her best friend.

Soon after her post went viral, fans began accusing Varun of cheating on Divya. Notably, Varun’s ex-girlfriend Benafsha Soonawalla had also accused Varun of cheating on her. Benafsha is currently dating Divya’s ex-boyfriend Priyank Sharma. At the time, Varun had admitted that he was the one who screwed things up and created a mess in their relationship.

Now, Divya has come out in support of Varun. Divya took to Twitter to defend Varun and slammed netizens for commenting on his character. She tweeted, “Dare any one say anything about Varun’s character.. not every separation happens because of character! He is an honest man! It’s my decision to be alone no one has the right to speak anything rubbish! It takes a lot of strength to take decisions like these in life!”

Sood’s affair with Madhurima Roy

Divya Agarwal announces split from Varun Sood

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दिव्या अग्रवाल और वरुण सूद का हुआ ब्रेकअप, शादी की प्लानिंग के बीच अचानक टूटा 4 साल का रिश्ता

Divya Agarwal और Varun Sood के बीच आई ‘वो’? एक्ट्रेस ने भड़कते हुए कहा ‘उसके कैरेक्टर को लेकर तो…’

बिग बॉस OTT विनर दिव्या अग्रवाल का बॉयफ्रेंड वरुण सूद से ब्रेकअप, पोस्ट में छलका दर्द








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