Kangana Ranaut calls Karan Johar her ‘best friend’, says she wants to put him in her Lock Upp jail

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut recently unveiled the trailer of the fearless reality show ‘Lock Upp’. She shares her delight on hosting it and speaks about the concept of the show.Kangana Ranaut says: “The spectacular launch of the show had piqued everyone’s curiosity, and the trailer is a testament of how bold, controversial and exciting it is going to be. I am happy to unveil the trailer in our country’s capital city, and I am equally thrilled and excited for foraying into the OTT space with such a unique and brilliant concept.”She later expresses her gratitude to Ekta Kapoor, saying : “I want to thank my boss-lady Ekta, for always being by my side, and she has always been someone I admire and respect a lot. So to all my fans out there, get ready for the most ‘fearless’ show ever.”The show’s trailer features the daring host Kangana wearing a shimmery, glittery golden dress, holding a shiny baton in her hands.

Kangana Ranaut calls Karan Johar her ‘best friend’, says she wants to put him in her Lock Upp jail

Lock Upp Trailer Out: Kangana Ranaut says ‘My Jail, My Rules!’ giving sneak-peek into reality show

Kangana Ranaut launches trailer showing glimpse of reality show ‘Lock Upp’

Lock Upp host Kangana Ranaut says she wants to lock up ‘best friend’ Karan Johar in her jail

Kangana Ranaut Calls Karan Johar Her ‘Best Friend’, Wants To Lock Him Up In Her Jail; ‘Koffee’ Anyone?

‘Lock Upp’ trailer: Kangana Ranaut is jailer of ‘badass jail’

Kangana Ranaut ने रेड गाउन में फ्लॉन्ट किया परफेक्ट फिगर, Lock Upp शो में उतारेंगी सबके कपड़े

Kangana Ranaut Lockupp: करण जौहर को ‘लॉकअप’ में बंद करना चाहती हैं कंगना रनोट, इन स्टार्स का भी लिया नाम

Kangana Ranaut के शो Lock Upp में सबके सामने ‘उतरेंगे कंटेस्टेंट्स के कपड़े’, ट्रेलर आते ही मचा बवाल

Bigg Boss से कितना अलग है Kangana Ranaut का ‘लॉक अप’? कब-कहां देख सकते हैं, पढ़ें डिटेल











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