BJP refuses to respond to Satyapal Malik’s remarks

The Congress on Monday demanded an apology from Prime Minister Nariendra Modi amid an uproar over Meghalaya governor Satyapal Malik’ statement that Modi showed arrogance when he met him recently over the farmers’ issue.

“The real face of the PM – the anti-farmer and insensitive face – and the face of Bharatiya Janata Party government which actually truly works for crony capitalist friends and to the peril and prejudice of India’s 62 crore farmers and farm labourers now stand exposed,” said Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala during a media briefing.

Surjewala asked the central government to sack and register an FIR against Malik if he was lying. “If not, then PM Modi and Amit Shah must come forward and apologise. Otherwise, they (farmers) will never pardon you. Nor the souls of 700 farmers who sacrificed their lives,” he added.

BJP refuses to respond to Satyapal Malik’s remarks

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किसानों का मुद्दा: सत्यपाल मलिक ने अपने बयान पर दी सफाई, पीएम मोदी के लिए कही थी ये बात 

पीएम का सम्मान करते हैं शाह, कुछ गलत नहीं कहा, गवर्नर मलिक ने अपने बयान पर दी सफाई

‘PM से दोबारा मिलने की हिम्मत नहीं जुटाई..’, Satyapal Malik ने बताई उस मुलाकात की कहानी




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