Celebrating the Day of the Dead, 2021

For the past two days, people in Mexico and other Latin American countries have been celebrating Día de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, paying homage to departed family members and honoring death as a part of life. After many cancellations last year due to the pandemic, this year parades and processions took place once again in Mexico City and other towns. The parades feature representations of the character La Catrina, frightful skeletons, and other icons of death and the underworld. Gathered here are a few images from Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador, and more.

Celebrating the Day of the Dead, 2021

Day of the Dead has everything to do with the afterlife, love and those colorful skulls you’ve seen around

Photo claiming to show Day of the Dead drone light show in Mexico City is fake

Mexican villages try to preserve authentic Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead reminds us to live | Opinion



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