Weather Wise: The “Bomb” Cyclone

An especially strong jet stream over the Pacific Ocean is spinning off a series of weather systems, including a massive “bomb cyclone,” that will keep us wet through the rest of next week, local meteorologists said.

Joe Boomgard-Zagrodnik, an agricultural meteorologist for Washington State University, said each of the systems off the coast will have its own front and its own center. Though for many, it could just feel like continuous fall rain, he said.

A ‘Bomb Cyclone’ of Rain, Wind Is Headed to Western Washington Area

A storm off the Northwest coast is being called a ‘bomb cyclone.’ What does that mean?

Weather Wise: The “Bomb” Cyclone

‘Bomb cyclone’ brewing off coast. What does that mean for Tacoma and Olympia?

A ‘bomb cyclone’ of rain, wind headed close to Seattle


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