How to Watch ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie’

It’s hard to hate something that does exactly what it says on the tin. Sure, one can accuse a towel rack of being visually unpleasant. But as long as that rack can keep a towel from taking up floor space, one can’t entirely detest it. And oddly enough, that’s where I’m at with PAW Patrol: The Movie. As someone who did not watch the television series, I needed this movie to do one single thing: make an argument for why the little ones love it so much. Specifically, it had to show cute, plushy dogs saving people in perilous situations. For all that the movie gets wrong, at least it manages to get that right.

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How to Watch ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie’

How to watch ‘Paw Patrol: The Movie’ when it debuts today (8/20/21) on Paramount


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