Explained: Why Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona

Lionel Messi broke down at his final press conference as a Barcelona player. Since making his senior debut at Camp Nou in 2003, Messi has played 778 games for the Catalan club, scoring 672 goals. He claimed he wanted to stay at the club and had even accepted a 50 percent salary cut to sign a new contract. But as it turned out, Barcelona couldn’t even afford a cut-price Messi.

Explained: Why Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona

Tearful Messi confirms he is leaving Barcelona

Emotional Lionel Messi says he wasn’t prepared to leave Barcelona

‘Never imagined having to say goodbye’, tearful Lionel Messi bids farewell to FC Barcelona

Barcelona stars pay tribute to Messi as he bids farewell to club



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