Bakra Eid 2021: Eid al-Adha significance, celebrations across the globe

With three days long celebration and excitement of Eid-Ul-Adha, it is the second biggest religious festival of the Muslim community. Also known as the Muslim’s feast of sacrifice or Festival of sacrifice, this celebration starts with several delicious traditional dishes made with love. Muslims across the globe celebrate together and honor the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son for Allah. This festival is celebrated with enough fervour and delight as people dress up nicely and visit each other’s homes to spread happiness, laughter, cheer and of course, sweets!

However, the pandemic has forced us to face difficulties in meeting people face to face and so, to conform to the rules of social distancing, you can always send these loving messages to your family and friends. Celebrate together by keeping in mind the health of your loved ones!

Bakra Eid 2021: Eid al-Adha significance, celebrations across the globe

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