Philippine Military Plane Crashes With 96 People Aboard

A Philippine air force C-130 aircraft carrying combat troops assigned to fight Muslim militants crashed and exploded while landing in the south Sunday, killing at least 42 army soldiers on board and three civilians on the ground in one of the worst disasters in the air force’s history.

At least 49 other soldiers were rescued with injuries and survived the fiery noontime crash into a coconut grove outside the Jolo airport in Sulu province, including some who managed to jump off the aircraft before it exploded and was gutted by fire, military officials said. Three of seven villagers who were hit on the ground died.

A Military Plane Crash In The Philippines Has Left At Least 45 People Dead

Philippine military’s worst air disaster kills 50, wounds 49

Philippine Air Force plane crash death toll rises to 50

Philippines plane, involved in worst military air disaster in 30 years, was given by US: Report

Philippines: 29 killed as military plane crashes after missing runway

Philippine Military Plane Crashes With 96 People Aboard

Philippines Plane Crash: फिलीपींस में मिलिट्री का प्लेन क्रैश, 17 की मौत, 40 को बचाया गया

Philippines : विमान के क्रैश होने से लगी आग, सैनिक विमान से कूदते आये नजर, 45 की मौत

Philippines Plane Crash : फिलीपींस में सैन्य विमान दुर्घटनाग्रस्त, 17 लोगों की मौत, 40 लोग बचाए गए






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