Tamil actress Raiza Wilson’s face surgery goes wrong…

It isn’t an unknown fact that celebrities indulge in cosmetic surgeries. But sometimes when they go wrong, it affects their physical as well as mental health. And a similar incident happened with none other than Tamil actress Raiza Wilson who took to social media to report the unfortunate event. Speaking about the same on Instagram, Raiza said that despite the fact that she ‘did not need’ the surgery, her dermatologist forced her to go for the same. Sharing the pictures of her face which shows swelling near her right eye, she claimed that there’s a tonal difference that she has noticed after the procedure. She even said that she tried contacting her doctor but her staff informed her that she’s unavailable.

Tamil actress Raiza Wilson’s face surgery goes wrong, shares photo blaming dermatologist

‘Dermatologist forced me…’: Former Bigg Boss contestant Raiza Wilson’s facial treatment goes wrong, shares picture

Tamil actress Raiza Wilson blasts dermatologist after treatment goes wrong, says she was ‘forced’

Bigg Boss fame Raiza Wilson’s face surgery goes sideways; Blames dermatologist for forcing her into treatment

Tamil Actor Raiza Wilson’s Face Treatment Goes Wrong, Bashes Dermatologist Who Forced Her to Undergo Treatment



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