God’s Kids Korner: The meaning of Good Friday

This week, I wanted to write something to explain Good Friday since that is today. The whole story is rather long, so you might want to have someone read it all to you from the Bible, but here is the shortened version, and what I believe it means to us. I took part of the retelling this from Sermon4Kids, so I need to give credit to them for their part I used.

When Jesus lived here on earth and grew up, He had 12 close friends He called His disciples. He was having dinner with them in the Upper Room at Passover, and He said, “One of you is going to give Me to my enemies.” His disciples looked at each other, wondering who it might be and saying not me. But Jesus told them, “ALL of you will run away because you will be afraid when they come to take Me away.” The disciple Peter said, “I will never turn away from You even if ALL the others do.” Jesus said, “Yes, even you will, Peter. In fact, you will say you don’t even know Me 3 times before the rooster crows in the morning.”

God’s Kids Korner: The meaning of Good Friday

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