People in Myanmar honk horns, bang on pots to protest coup

United Nations Secretary-General’s special envoy on Myanmar, Christine Schraner Burgen has condemned the military coup in the Southeast Asian country. The UN Security Council held closed consultations on Myanmar yesterday. In her briefing to Council members, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy described the recent steps taken by the military as shocking. She also urged Council members to collectively send a clear signal in support of an elected government in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has said that the Biden Administration is in constant touch with like-minded allies in the region including India and Japan. The US has threatened to reinstate sanctions and review of US assistance to Myanmar after the military coup.

People in Myanmar honk horns, bang on pots to protest coup

Coup is a setback to Myanmar’s unique experiment with democracy

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US govt working with ‘like-minded allies’ India, Japan on Myanmar coup

Citizens in Myanmar protest coup with noise barrage

United Nations Secretary-General’s special envoy on Myanmar condemns military coup

Myanmar Military Coup: म्‍यांमार की कार्रवाई को अमेरिका ने बताया ‘सैन्य तख्तापलट’, देश पर पकड़ मजबूत कर रही सेना

म्यांमार : सैन्य तख्तापलट पर बाइडन बोले, प्रतिबंध लगाएंगे

अपने निवेश को खतरा देख चीन ने म्यांमार के सैन्य तख्तापलट को बता दिया ‘कैबिनेट फेरबदल’?

म्यांमार में तख्तापलट के पीछे क्या है चीन की चाल? बीजिंग को इससे क्या होगा हासिल?





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