Amanda Gorman: Inauguration poet calls for ‘unity and togetherness’

While the ceremony had performers like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, it was 22-year-old African American poet Amanda Gorman who sent the interwebs buzzing after her stint at the inauguration of US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday.

Gorman, who became the country’s first Youth Poet Laureate in 2017, read a poem she wrote for the occasion called ‘The Hill We Climb’ after Biden and Harris were sworn in.

Within minutes she started trending on social media as people scrambled to find out more about the young woman who enthralled the audience with her powerful rendition.

Amanda Gorman: Inauguration poet calls for ‘unity and togetherness’

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जो बाइडेन ने ‘ट्रंप कार्ड’ को झटके में फेंका, अश्वेत लड़की से दिलाया ‘मेक अमेरिका वन’ का संदेश






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