Electoral College Vote Officially Affirms Biden’s Victory

It began at 10 a.m. in New Hampshire, where electors met in a statehouse chamber festooned with holiday decorations and gave their four votes to Joseph R. Biden Jr. By noon on Monday, the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania, ground zero for many of President Trump’s fruitless lawsuits, had backed Mr. Biden too. In New York, Bill and Hillary Clinton voted for Mr. Biden along with 27 other electors.

Electoral College Vote Officially Affirms Biden’s Victory

With Electoral College Vote, More Republicans Recognize Biden As President-Elect

California’s 55 Electoral Votes Secures Electoral College For Biden, Harris

Colorado’s Electoral College Vote Brings One Member To Tears: ‘It’s Final’

Electoral College affirms Biden win, shaking loose fresh Republican recognition

The electoral college vote was blissfully bureaucratic and boring



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