Farmers’ demands valid, will back Bharat Bandh: Kejriwal at Delhi’s Singhu border

The speakers, who represented various trade unions, appealed to all sections of people to make the proposed Bharat bandh on December 8 a success, at a roundtable organised at the CITU office here on Sunday.

The Joint Action Committee of all trade unions has given the call for the nationwide bandh to exert pressure on the Union government to withdraw the three farm reform laws and the power sector reforms, which, the unions say would put the farmers at the mercy of the corporate companies. They alleged that the farm laws would enable corporates like Adani and Reliance to gain control over the agriculture sector.

Trade unions alleged that the power sector reforms would deprive the farmers of free power for agriculture. The farmers and general public would have to suffer as the private players would take the power sector into their hands.

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Farmers’ demands valid, will back Bharat Bandh: Kejriwal at Delhi’s Singhu border

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