Inside the Johnny Depp court case

This week, American actor Johnny Depp lost a libel suit he filed in London, suing the newspaper The Sun for running an article that called him a “wife beater,” a reference to his relationship with ex-wife Amber Heard. It was an ugly case, dragging both actors’ private lives into the spotlight. And it was a complicated case; each accused the other of abuse. But there was a clear winner, other than the tabloid paper: domestic violence victims.

Johnny Depp Loses Court Case Against Newspaper That Called Him a ‘Wife Beater’

Johnny Depp loses libel case tied to Amber Heard in win for domestic violence victims

Inside the Johnny Depp court case

Johnny Depp Loses Defamation Suit Over “Wife Beater” Story

Johnny Depp down but not entirely out after losing ‘wife beater’ case


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