Doodle for Google 2020

Fourth-grader Sharon Sara takes a very thoughtful approach to friendship: What you look like on the outside isn’t as important as who you are on the inside.

That’s the message Sharon emphasized in her winning entry for the annual Doodle for Google contest. This year’s theme was “I show kindness by…” and Sharon’s entry focused on the sometimes difficult experiences she’s had trying to make friends.

Doodle for Google 2020 winner finds kindness in friendships based on personality, not appearance

Frisco student wins Google Doodle art contest and $30K college scholarship

Doodle for Google 2020 winner showcased on homepage

Doodle for Google 2020 winner finds compassion in friendships based upon character, not appearance

Google Doodle Congratulate to Texas 5th grader ‘Sharon Sara’ winner of the US 2020 Doodle for Google contest


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