Google Doodle Celebrating Jovita Idár

The present Doodle observes Mexican-American columnist, teacher, medical caretaker, and dissident Jovita Idár, a pioneer in the battle for Mexican-American social liberties at the turn of the twentieth century. During the First Mexican Congress, which met the seven day stretch of September 14 to 22 of every 1911, Idár was chosen leader of the League of Mexican Women, a women’s activist association comparatively radical in joining ladies around the basic instructive, social, and policy driven issues confronting the Mexican-American people group.

Google Doodle Celebrating Jovita Idár , Activist of Mexican-American civil rights

Google Doodle honors Jovita Idár, Mexican-American civil rights activist

Jovita Idár: Google doodle on Mexican-American journalist, civil right activist

Google Doodle honors “Jovita Idár” Mexican-American journalist, educator, nurse, and activist

Jovita Idár: Google Doodle celebrates Mexican-American journalist and civil rights activist


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