World Ozone Day 2020: Theme, importance and ways to protect ozone layer

The year 2020 has been one of many catastrophes, from a global pandemic, natural disasters, raging fires that wreaked havoc with the environment. The importance of preserving and restoring our environment has never been more significant. In order to not add complications in the ozone layer to the list, we must all do our parts for the preservation of the stratospheric layer.

Simply put, life on Earth will not be possible without sunlight, but the energy emanating from the sun is too harmful for anything to survive, when in direct contact with it. The ozone layer is a stratospheric layer that acts as a shield for the earth, protecting it from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.

In 1970, when scientists first discovered the hole in the ozone layer, it was a matter of grave concern. They raised the alarm and informed people on how to best reduce their carbon emissions which are the leading cause for harm to the ozone layer. With this in mind, the world’s governments banded together and formed the Vienna Convention in 1985. Under the convention, they established the Montreal Protocol which dictated that governments, scientists, and industries work together and cut out 99% of all ozone-depleting substances.

World Ozone Day 2020: Theme, importance and ways to protect ozone layer

World Ozone Day 2020: How we can do our part for preserving it

World Ozone Day 2020: Know about Vienna Convention and importance of ozone

World Ozone Day 2020: Wishes, slogans, quotes, WhatsApp messages to share with your friends on this day

World Ozone Day 2020: Ozone Facts, Slogan And Significance

World Ozone Day 2020: Slogans, Significance, Theme and interesting facts about Ozone Layer

Ozone Day 2020: क्यों मनाया जाता है ओजोन दिवस, जानें इतिहास, महत्व और इस साल की थीम

World Ozone Day: मानवीय गतिविधियों से सिर्फ प्रकृति को ही नहीं ओजोन परत को भी पहुंच रहा नुकसान

World Ozone Day 2020: हर दशक तीन प्रतिशत की दर से रिकवर हो रही ओजोन परत, जानें क्या है इस बार की थीम

World Ozone Day 2020 : जानें क्यों मनाया जाता है विश्व ओजोन दिवस और क्या है इसका महत्व




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