1619 Project

On Sunday morning, President Trump tweeted an attack on the 1619 Project, threatening to withhold funding from California schools teaching the popular journalism project focused on the rise and impact of slavery in the United States. With his newest tweet, the President’s actions raise a troubling question:

Why is the Trump administration threatening to censor the way schools teach about the history of slavery and racism in the United States?

Call Trump’s Attacks On The 1619 Project What They Are — Censorship of American History

Trump says Department of Education will investigate use of 1619 Project in schools

President Trump Threatens To Defund California Schools Over The ‘1619 Project’

Trump threatens to investigate and pull federal funding from schools that teach NYT’s 1619 project on the consequences of slavery

Trump threatens funding for CA if schools use New York Times’ 1619 Project, curriculum focused on slavery, Black Americans



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