Why Modi decided to send Ajit Doval to enforce the law, bring peace to Northeast Delhi

Around 72 hours after North East Delhi was hit by violent riots, normalcy is returning albeit at snail’s pace. As the smoke billowing from burnt vehicles settled, residents of the violence-hit areas assessed the damage with moist eyes and trembling hands.

The two days of communal clashes claimed 27 lives. An uneasy calm settled over parts of riot-hit North East Delhi on Wednesday but there was violence in some other places with shops set ablaze and the body of an Intelligence Bureau staffer found in a drain.

The five-km area from Jaffarabad to Chandbagh witnessed burning of shops, vehicles, places of worship, scrap market and even a petrol pump. Most of those who lost their livelihood are in despair, hoping for normalcy to return soon.

Why Modi decided to send Ajit Doval to enforce the law, bring peace to Northeast Delhi

Inshallah, aman hoga: Delhi limps back to peace after NSA Ajit Doval takes over, death toll touches 27

Doval pressed into action as courts rap cops on Delhi violence

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval tasked with quelling communal riots in Delhi

NSA Ajit Doval visits northeast Delhi, says situation in control

VIDEO: डोभाल ने दिल्‍ली के हिंसाग्रस्त क्षेत्रों का लिया जायजा, गृहमंत्री को दी हालात की जानकारी

दिल्ली की सड़कों पर उतरे ‘जेम्स बॉन्ड’, हिंसाग्रस्त इलाके में जाकर बोले- ‘टेंशन लेने का नहीं’

दिल्ली के हिंसा प्रभावित इलाकों के दौरे के बाद अमित शाह से मिले अजित डोभाल, लॉ एंड ऑर्डर को लेकर दी जानकारी

NSA अजित डोभाल ने हिंसा प्रभावित इलाकों का लिया जायजा, लोग बोले- ‘आप आ गए, हम लोगों में हिम्मत आ गई’

Delhi Violence: NSA डोभाल ने दी शाह को रिपोर्ट, दो घंटे की बैठक के बाद बोले- सब शांत है



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