Trump lands in India and feels the love

Motera stadium in Ahmedabad show provided what Donald Trump, the US President, perhaps needed the most – acceptance by people and credibility of him being in the office of the POTUS. More than 1.25 lakh people were in the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel cricket stadium.

Donald Trump came to India with a bruised political ego. He just survived impeachment back in the US, where the Senate acquitted him of all the charges fixed by the House of Representatives. Donald Trump faced a crisis of credibility when impeachment process was still on against him in the US Congress.

India was his first bilateral visit after acquittal by the Senate. He got a rousing reception in Ahmedabad and a kind of gathering that is unthinkable for a politician in the United States. Trump said 1.25 lakh people were present in the still incomplete cricket stadium, the biggest in the world.

Trump lands in India and feels the love

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