Google Doodle celebrates Scots scientist Mary Somerville

Google’s home page opened today to a doodle honouring Scottish scientist and science writer Mary Somerville. Focusing on the wide range of subjects she contributed to, the doodle shows her at her writing table surrounded by thought bubbles and books.

According to Google’s doodle page, it was on this day in 1826, that one of her experimental physics papers was read by the Royal Society of London. It also became the first paper by a female author to be published in the Philosophical Transactions.

Mary Sommerville was born on December 26,1780. Her father, Sir William Fairfax, was a vice-admiral in the British navy. Her mother, Margaret Charters, was the daughter of Samuel Charters, the solicitor of customs in Scotland.

Google Doodle celebrates Scots scientist Mary Somerville

Google celebrates Scottish scientist Mary Somerville

Google Doodle celebrates Scottish scientist Mary Somerville. Who was she?

Google Honours Legacy Of Scottish Scientist Mary Somerville With A Doodle

Mary Somerville: The groundbreaking Scottish polymath who paved the way for women in science

Mary Somerville की खबरें

Mary Somerville Google Doodle: इस साइंटिस्ट के सम्मान में गूगल डूडल, जानिए कौन थीं मैरी सोमरविले

कौन हैं मैरी सोमरविले? जिनके सम्मान में गूगल ने बनाया डूडल

Google Doodle: गूगल ने आज Mary Somerville पर बनाया खास डूडल, जानिए कौन थीं वो

Google Doodle में आज Mary Somerville, जानें कौन थीं यूरोप की यह सबसे असाधारण महिला



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