The most complete brain map ever is here: A fly’s “connectome”

When asked what’s so special about Drosophila melanogaster, or the common fruit fly, Gerry Rubin quickly gets on a roll. Rubin has poked and prodded flies for decades, including as a leader of the effort to sequence their genome. So permit him to count their merits. They’re expert navigators, for one, zipping around without crashing into walls. They have great memories too, he adds. Deprived of their senses, they can find their way around a room—much as you, if you were suddenly blindfolded, could probably escape through whichever door you most recently entered.

The most complete brain map ever is here: A fly’s “connectome”

We Have The Wiring Of A Fly’s Brain – Now What?

Researchers from Google create a 3D road map of more than 20 million synapses in a fruit fly brain, a deceptively intelligent insect with a brain the size of a poppy seed

Google’s 3D Map of a Fly Brain Is Beautiful

We’ve mapped a fly brain down ‘to the very last neuron’. That’s a big deal for human brain research

Google Releases “Largest Ever” Map of Brain Connectivity


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