‘Liberals’ attack Modi government for awarding Padma Shri to singer Adnan Sami

The Centre on Saturday bestowed with the high honour of the Padma Shri award on singer-musician Adnan Sami for his services in the field of Art. Sami was one of the 118 people whose names were announced on Saturday for the Padma Shri awards, with the Ministry of Home Affairs’ list showing his home state as Maharashtra.

For those unaware, Sami was granted Indian citizenship with effect from January 1, 2016, after his Pakistani passport expired on May 26, 2015 and was not renewed there. Sami, born in Lahore in Pakistan, first arrived in India on a one-year visitor’s visa on March 13, 2001. He was granted Indian citizenship after he requested the Centre to legalise his status on humanitarian grounds.

‘Liberals’ attack Modi government for awarding Padma Shri to singer Adnan Sami

Raj Thackeray’s MNS opposes Padma Shri to Pak-born Adnan Sami

On Adnan Sami’s Padma Shri, Aviation Minister Puri Says ‘Hope Shaheen Bagh is Listening’

‘I Make Good Biryani!’: Adnan Sami Makes Short Work Of Netizen Questioning His Padma Shri

उम्मीद है कि शाहीन बाग सुन रहा है, अदनान सामी को पद्मश्री मिलने पर बोले हरदीप सिंह पुरी

बॉलीवुड हस्तियों को पद्मश्री सम्मान और अदनान सामी को पुरस्कार देने का विरोध, पांच खबरें

Padma Awards 2020: पद्म श्री मिलने पर अदनान सामी ने किया सरकार का शुक्रिया, कहा- 34 साल के करियर में सबसे खास पल

राज ठाकरे की पार्टी ने उठाए अदनान सामी को पद्मश्री देने पर सवाल, कहा- वापस लिया जाए सम्मान

अदनान सामी को पद्मश्री दिए जाने पर बोले मोदी सरकार के मंत्री, कहा- शाहीन बाग सुन रहा है…

अदनान सामी को पद्मश्री दिए जाने पर MNS ने जताया ऐतराज, कहा- वो मूल रूप से भारतीय नहीं, जल्दबाजी क्यों?



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