Good Newwz movie review: Akshay-Kareena film is not half bad

In their previous outings, Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar have been mostly wasted as a pairing. But they are in perfect sync in Raj Mehta’s Good Newwz. Kapoor is Deepti, a journalist with a wardrobe to beat Anna Wintour (the eye-watering costumes are by Aki Narula). Kumar is Varun, a car salesman who can afford a 16th-floor apartment in an expensive residential complex in Mumbai.

Deepti is desperate to have a child, Varun less so, and the couple’s periodic attempts at baby-making lead to hilarious scenes in the early portions of Jyoti Kapoor’s screenplay. Entering the bedroom shouldn’t be like going on a surgical strike, Varun complains, and he performs his husbandly duty as enthusiastically as a forcibly conscripted soldier.

Good Newwz movie review: Akshay-Kareena film is not half bad

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