Citizenship Amendment Bill debate: How numbers stand in Rajya Sabha

With the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) coming up for discussion today, the Rajya Sabha is headed for a hectic day with heated debate between the government and the Opposition over the controversial bill. The Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on Monday. Since the BJP-led NDA enjoys a whooping majority in the Lok Sabha, passing CAB there was never a challenge for the Narendra Modi government.

However, the battle in the Rajya Sabha is different. In the Lok Sabha, the BJP alone has more than 300 MPs while the half-way mark is 272. But in the Rajya Sabha, the BJP, even with support of its NDA partners, falls short of the halfway mark.

In the past five years, the BJP had to rely on non-NDA non-BJP parties like the Biju Janata Dal and YSR Congress among others to get important bills passed in the Rajya Sabha. Even for the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the BJP will be heavily dependent on other parties.

Citizenship Amendment Bill debate: How numbers stand in Rajya Sabha

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