YouTube completely gives up trying for Rewind 2019

People across the internet are already going after YouTube’s “Rewind 2019,” calling the production “lazy” and “boring” while inundating the video with hundreds of thousands of dislikes and comments.

YouTube released its year-in-review video Thursday as part of its annual tradition of highlighting the year’s biggest trends and creators on the platform. After the uproar that last year’s “Rewind 2018” video caused, YouTube presented this year’s video as a compilation of the platform’s biggest moments in an effort to highlight the content that users have watched and liked the most.

The internet is roasting YouTube’s ‘Rewind 2019’ video, with people calling it lazy and low-budget

YouTube Rewind 2019 Scraps Old Format After Last Year’s Torrent of Dislikes

Last year’s YouTube ‘Rewind’ was the most disliked video in the site’s history. This year they put PewDiePie in it.


YouTube Rewind 2019 Learns from 2018 By Swapping Will Smith for Shane Dawson

YouTube completely gives up trying for Rewind 2019

PewDiePie makes his return to YouTube Rewind after two years of controversy


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