Filmmaker Daniel Shravan: Women should carry condoms, cooperate in rape

The internet has severely denounced a self-proclaimed filmmaker on social media after he said that women must “cooperate with rapists and carry condoms”. Daniel Shravan’s comment comes after the brutal rape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad last week.

In his now-deleted Facebook post, Daniel made a bizarre statement to stop rape-related murders. His comment has infuriated the internet as screenshots of his remark with angry responses flooded social media on Wednesday. Daniel, meanwhile, has deleted his social media accounts.

Girls above the age of 18 should be “educated” about rape, Daniel said in his post, adding a horrific line subsequently, “Girls should not deny sexual desires of men”. In that case, “these types of things will not happen”.

Filmmaker Daniel Shravan: Women should carry condoms, cooperate in rape

“Carry Condoms, Cooperate In Rape”: Man Slammed For Outrageous Post

Indian film-maker Daniel Shravan suggests legalising ‘rape without violence’

Filmmaker Daniel Shravan: Women should cooperate with rapists and offer them condoms

Carry condoms, accept rape: Filmmaker’s disgusting advisory for girls after Hyderabad murder is viral

Filmmaker Daniel Shravan asks women to carry condoms to avoid rape, netizens rip into him 

रेप को लेकर फिल्मकार ने कहा- ‘महिलाएं साथ में रखें कंडोम और करें सहयोग’, एक्ट्रेस ने ऐसे दिया जवाब

निर्देशक का बेहूदा बयान, ‘कंडोम रखकर रेपिस्ट्स का सहयोग करना चाहिए ताकि वो महिलाओं की हत्या न करें’

फिल्मकार डेनियल श्रवण का रेप को लेकर बेहूदा बयान, सेलिब्रेटीज ने लगाई जमकर लताड़

फिल्मकार का बेहूदा बयान- ‘महिलाओं को कंडोम रखकर रेपिस्टों का सहयोग करना चाहिए ताकि उनकी जान बच सके’


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