Google celebrates physicist Joseph Plateau’s birthday anniversary

A quirky animation tossing the Monday morning pancake welcomed Google desktop audience today. It was to celebrate Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau who invented the phenakistiscope, an animation device that creates an illusion of motion. The phenakistoscope is believed to have paved the way for the birth of moving picture entertainment and cinema. Today is Plateau’s 218th birth anniversary.

The doodle, created by animator, filmmaker and Doodler Olivia Huynh, is the first doodle with different imagery and themes on different device platforms such as desktop, mobile, and the Google App.

Google celebrates physicist Joseph Plateau’s birthday anniversary

Google Doodle Celebrates Belgian Physicist Joseph Plateau

Google celebrates 218th birth anniversary of physicist Joseph Plateau with a special doodle

Google celebrates birthday of physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau

Joseph Plateau, Belgium Physicist Who Led to the Birth of Cinema, Honoured by Google Doodle Today

Google marks 218th birth anniversary of Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau with doodle

दुनिया को सिनेमा देने वाले जोसेफ प्लेटू को गूगल ने डूडल पर किया याद

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau: जोसेफ ऐंटोनियो फर्डिनैंड जिन्होंने सिनेमा को दिया था जन्म, जानें- इनके बारे में

गूगल ने आज का डूडल Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau को किया समर्पित

Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau Google Doodle: जानिए कौन थे जोसेफ एंटोनी फर्डिनेंड पठार, कैसे की वीडियो की खोज



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