Snakehead Fish Found in Georgia: ‘Kill It Immediately’

It was described as “a companion for the Creature from the Black Lagoon” when it appeared in Maryland, as “Frankenfish” when it was caught in Virginia and as the “freshwater fish equivalent of a tank” when it showed up in the Harlem Meer in New York.

There has been no end to the creepy descriptions of the snakehead fish, a slimy, toothy, large-jawed animal that can breathe on land and crawl like a snake, in the decades that it has popped up in freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers in the United States.

Snakehead Fish Found in Georgia: ‘Kill It Immediately’

Snakehead fish discovered in Georgia, sparks warning from wildlife officials: ‘Kill it immediately’

Invasive Snakehead Fish That Can Breathe on Land Is Roaming Georgia


These fish can live on land and breathe air. Authorities suggest you kill them on sight.

Snakehead Fish Georgia Officials Say Kill ‘Em All!!! … ‘Hot Vet’ Explains the Problem

If you see this fish, kill it


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