Bathwater entrepreneur Belle Delphine claims she was arrested

Belle Delphine, the gamer girl infamous for selling her bathwater and pranking thirsty followers with a trolly Pornhub account, says she was arrested.

Delphine has been quiet this summer — after her Instagram account was taken down for “nudity or pornography” she told her Patreon followers that she planned on making a new account. But Dexerto reports that Delphine’s Patreon followers are displeased with her lack of content and accused the influencer of scamming them. On Aug. 5, Delphine said she was hospitalized for food poisoning during a vacation to Greece, insinuating her absence was because she was still recovering.

Since then her Twitter has been silent, except for this Tweet on Aug. 21.

Bathwater entrepreneur Belle Delphine claims she was arrested

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