Biz Stone invests in Kerala startup

Providing a major impetus to the start-up ecosystem in the State, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone will invest in a Kochi-based start-up.

At the inauguration of the second edition of Huddle Kerala 2019 on Friday, the American entrepreneur announced through video-conferencing his plans to invest an undisclosed amount in Sieve, a start-up founded by Sanjay Nediyara, a hearing-impaired entrepreneur, who was selected as one of the Forbes fellows in 2018.

“As an angel (investor), I consider the person first and the product second. I find Sanjay as a dedicated, empathetic and extremely hard working individual,” he said, adding that he has used the product as a freelancer.


Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to invest in Kochi-based start-up

Thiruvananthapuram: Sanjay Nediyara’s Kochi-based startup Si ..

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to invest in Kerala startup Sieve


Twitter invests in its second Indian start up within a span of two months

Twitter co-founder to invest in Kerala start-up

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone To Invest In Kerala Start-Up


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