How can Donald Trump be impeached?

Let it be clear at the outset that simply an impeachment of US President Donald Trump will not lead to his removal from his position. Two American presidents, including Bill Clinton, have been impeached before. The other was Andrew Johnson in the 19th century and his case is being referred to in the US as the impeachment ball has been set rolling against Donald Trump.

The impeachment of a US president means passing of a resolution listing charges against him by a simple majority in the House of Representatives. The process begins with the constitution of a body for inquiry into the charges.

The Democrats, who enjoy majority in the House of Representatives with 235 out of 435 members, have launched the impeachment process. Donald Trump is a Republican member. On Tuesday, House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the opening of a formal impeachment inquiry, which Donald Trump termed as “witch hunt garbage”.

How can Donald Trump be impeached?

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