BB King: Google Doodle Remembers Iconic American Singer on 94th Birthday

Google keeps remembering famous people by making doodles. Today, on 16 September, Google has remembered BB King on his 94th birth anniversary. Today the Google Doodle has paid tribute to the legendary American artist BB King. He was also famous as “King of the Blues”.

BB King has been remembered by Google through a video. It shows the iconic singer holding a guitar. In 1925, King was born near a town called Itta Bena, Mississippi. He started his recording career in 1949 and gave his first hit ‘Three A Clock Blues’. His most popular classic pieces were ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ and ‘Every Day I Have the Blues’.

BB King: Google Doodle Remembers Iconic American Singer on 94th Birthday

Google pays tribute to singer-songwriter BB King on 94th anniversary with animated doodle

‘King of The Blues’ BB King Honoured by Google Doodle on 94th Birth Annivesary

Google Doodle Remembers Iconic American Singer BB King On 94th Birthday

Google Doodle celebrates B.B. King’s 94th birth anniversary

Google Doodle pays tribute to late BB King on 94th birthday

BB King की 94वीं जयंती: 15 बार जीत चुके हैं ग्रैमी, Google ने ऐसे किया याद

B.B. King Google Doodle: कौन हैं बी. बी. किंग, जिन्हें 15 बार मिला ग्रैमी अवॉर्ड, गूगल ने बनाया है वीडियो वाला डूडल

Google ने American Singer BB King के 94वें Birthday पर समर्पित किया Doodle

Google Doodle में आज मशहूर गिटारिस्ट BB King, 15 बार जीता है ग्रैमी






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