‘A Very Brady Renovation’ Cast on HGTV: Who Is in the Special Show?

Keeping her TV mom close to her heart. Maureen McCormick opened up to Us Weekly about a very noticeable absence on HGTV’s A Very Brady Renovation — Florence Henderson.

“It was very, very emotional because I spent five incredible years of my life on this show,” McCormick, 63, told Us during the premiere on Thursday, September 5. “As a teenager, you’re going through so many things. It was absolutely amazing. So Florence was with me on Dancing With the Stars and I’m wearing this in honor of her. She gave this necklace to me.”

At the event, McCormick, who played oldest daughter Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch, showed off a sapphire heart pendant on a gold chain. Henderson, who played the matriarch Carol Brady in the sitcom, died in November 2016 at 82 from heart failure.

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