Fortnite Patch Notes (Update 10.20): Borderlands 3 Crossover Event Is Live

Epic Games has rolled out another update for Fortnite. Patch 10.20 is now live across all platforms, and as usual, it adds another new item to the free-to-play battle royale game, as well as something a bit more unexpected: a Borderlands crossover event to promote the upcoming release of Borderlands 3. Here are the patch notes and a look at the newly added skin and other items.

Headlining this week’s update is the Fortnite X Mayhem event. Players can visit Borderlands setting Pandora via a new Rift Zone, which transforms the game’s visuals to resemble the cel-shaded style of Borderlands. Aside from the change in graphics, you generate shield if you’re in the area long enough without taking any damage. There is also an assortment of challenges to complete and Borderlands-themed rewards to unlock, as well as a Borderlands Psycho Bundle cosmetics pack to purchase from the game’s store, which includes a Claptrap you can carry around on your back. The crossover event runs until September 10. You can see the skin, back bling, and other items and rewards added as part of the event below.

Fortnite Patch Notes (Update 10.20): Borderlands 3 Crossover Event Is Live

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