Kings Island Will Debut ‘Orion’ Giga Coaster In Spring 2020

Kings Island will debut the world’s seventh giga coaster in Spring 2020. “Orion” will feature a 300-foot drop and reach speeds of 91 mph with eight hills.

With 5,321 feet of track, it will be Kings Island’s tallest, fastest and longest steel coaster, the park says.

“At 91 mph, it will be the seventh fastest coaster in North America and the 10th fastest coaster on planet Earth,” says Kings Island General Manager Mike Koontz. Two other coasters go about the same speed: Millennium Force (93 mph) at Cedar Point and Leviathan (92 mph) at Canada’s Wonderland, so technically it will be the 13th fastest.

Kings Island Will Debut ‘Orion’ Giga Coaster In Spring 2020

‘Orion’ will be the newest steel roller coaster at Kings Island in spring 2020

Kings Island introduces its ‘tallest, fastest and longest’ rollercoaster for spring 2020


Kings Island announces new space-themed coaster Orion, with 300-foot first hill

Orion coming to Kings Island in the spring of 2020!

Kings Island announces new giga coaster Orion featuring 300 foot drop


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