Woodstock 50 Artists to Receive Millions Despite Festival Cancellation

Even though the eternally troubled Woodstock 50 festival has finally been cancelled, the artists who were scheduled to perform are getting a big payday without ever having to play a note.

A rep for the festival confirmed to Variety that every artist on the bill has been paid in full — that’s some 76 artists, not including the Black Keys (who pulled out shortly after being announced) and the “and more” listed for each day. Top artists included Jay-Z, Dead & Company, the Killers, Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, Chance the Rapper, Halsey, the Raconteurs, Santana, John Fogerty and others.

The artists were paid in advance, with the money being held in escrow until the festival either took place or was cancelled, sources say. That money has been released, a source tells Variety, with all of it going to the artists or their representatives.


Woodstock 50 Artists to Receive Millions Despite Festival Cancellation

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